Trade #9: NZDUSD Bottom Reversal

The following live trade was on the NZDUSD. This trade was taken during the period of accumulation which is a higher-risk trade. What worked in our favour was we had trend alignment to the upside in multiple time frames (5 min, 10 min, 15 min, and 30 min).

NZDUSD Big Picture
NZDUSD Accumulation Phase

This trade setup has occurred because we had a bottom reversal VSA principle at the bottom trigger point as highlighted above on the chart. During a period of accumulation or distribution, professional money is always testing the trigger points. In this case, they wanted to see if there is any further selling at those lower prices.

NZDUSD Trade Setup
NZDUSD Trade Setup

NZDUSD Strength

The bottom reversal showed that there was strength in the background and as the price rose and retraced slightly, we were given a VSA principle, “No Supply”. Taking a look at the volume it was quite low telling us there is no selling for the time being and that the only way is up.

The trade exit is just as important as the entry and we decided to exit the trade after there was a sign of weakness.

NZDUSD Trade Exit
NZDUSD Trade Exit

We had a wide-spread up-bar with ultra-high volume. This is weakness and prices are just consolidating. You can also see with the grey dots above and below the price bars, these are areas of support and resistance in which we had strong resistance at this level.

Trade Outcome
Price Entry: 0.63361
Stop Loss: 0.63158
Take Profit: 0.63850
Trade Exit: 0.63545
Profit: USD $184

Happy Trading

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