Trade #8 – AUDUSD Buying Pressure Exit Trade With Loss

The following trade was on the AUDUSD, we had trend alignment to the downside with multiple timeframes trending down and I liked this trade as it was similar to our last AUDCAD trade.

AUDUSD 30-Minute Chart

The price passed our trigger point and we were looking for signs of weakness. We were presented with “Supply Coming In”, point A below. The VSA principle was met with signs of strength, but immediately after this strength, we were presented with a weak bar which didn’t have a VSA principle. Immediately following this bar we had a down bar, at point B, which pushed through the area of strength, so we decided to take the trade.

AUDUSD Trade Entry

Basically immediately we entered the trade we were again met with signs of strength, “Potential Climatic Action” and “Stopping Volume”. This was clearly strength and this trade did not work out.

AUDUSD Trade Exit

Trade Outcome:
Trade Entry: 0.68963
Stop Loss: 0.69178
Take Profit: 0.68400
Exit Price: 0.69072
Profit: USD -$109

Smart Center Pro

We use SMART Center Pro to find our high-probability trade setups. The SMART Scanner scans charts looking for trend alignment in multiple time frames. When it has detected trend alignment it then looks for Wyckoff VSA principles signifying a potential trade setup.

Once a setup has been identified the Wyckoff VSA indicators are used together with the Strategy Document to confirm the setup and identify an entry point.

Once a trade is entered the trading tools help you manage and exit the trade.

Happy Trading