MATUSDT Quick Profits As Strength Enters

The following trade on Mactic MATUSDT was a bit of a gambling trade but it was entered to take quick profits. We had strength entering the market, which was apparently clear and we were taking a short trade during accumulation by the professional traders.

MATUSDT 1-hour Chart
MATUSDT 1-Hour Chart

Above we have the 1-hour chart of MATUSDT and you can clearly see strength entering the market at point A. Price action was now in accumulation hence the sideways movement. I decided to take the trade when we had trend alignment in most time frames. The trade setup was on the 30-minute chart.

MATUSDT Trade Setup
MATUSDT 30-minute chart Trade Entry

MATUSDT Trade Outcome

We see that the pricing action had a decent down move and then was retracing. We were provided with a no-demand signal at the end of the retracement. The no-demand signal was confirmed and we entered the trade. The best-case scenario was for the pricing action to reach our possible target area. There was no weakness for the price to reach that far down and the price was supported at the area of strength.

MATUSDT Trade Exit
MATUSDT Trade Exit

Trade Outcome
Price Entry: $1.2298
Price Exit: $1.2257

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